Various Myths about Cats

cat There are many myths about cats are believed by many people. cats are often regarded as an animal that is always associated with mystical things. In the Egyptian society, cats often revered and considered a noble animal as an incarnation of a goddess.

In addition, cats are often considered a bad luck where when we spotted a furry black cat means we will be having bad luck and to prevent bad luck is not really the case, then the black cat that we saw earlier should be immediately killed. But at the same time, there are many people who think that the emergence of the black cat as a sign of great fortune would come, the black cat should be fed and watered.
black catblack catblack cat
Cats are also considered to be an animal that has nine lives. This is because often people see a cat falling from a height of up to a few meters, but still be able to return to normal life even after the fall of it. That's why if someone falls from vehicles or survived an accident is often called nine lives cat luck.

The problem is actually that depend on which myth we want to believe. What is clear and the right thing, our cats will be pretty well if we care about them.


Cats breeding

cat Cats were purposely bred currently gaining popularity among businesses, although not as breeding dogs. Enthusiasts who want to breed cats sorting out to be bred, such as angora and Persian cats. Both types of cats are still huge demand than ordinary street cats. Persian or Angora cat bred more than the street cats. Street cat are ready available everywhere, as long as it can be treated well if we want to breed them.

Persian or Angora cat Interbred species produce offspring that would be good and then bred to obtain benefits that are as profitable as purebred Persian or angora cats. When you intend to breed cats, some of the first things that should concern you are:

- The type of cat that demand by buyers
- Intensive Care
- Profit to be gained


How to Take Care for Kittens

kitten Caring for kittens is usually a phase that is more difficult than caring for cats that were older. At the age of kittens, nursing is the most important thing. Usually kitten suckling on its mother for 10-15 minutes. Therefore, the mother cat should be given food and drink during breastfeeding.
kitten kitten
Kittens usually eat solid foods when they are three weeks old. We recommend you not to give them a cow or goat milk; because it contains lactose which is incompatible with their weak digestion.

To familiarize them defecate, prepare a place which contains stones (use zeolites which absorbs odors) that they used to defecate there. Do not forget to clean it regularly during the day. They will get used to defecate in place that you have provided. Caring for kittens carefully is a very necessary thing early on, because they will be familiar with the rules that you pass off to them since childhood. kitten