Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx ( also known as feline Canada Mexico ) is a kind of cat known for its lack of feathers. The Sphynx cats look like fluffy , but not really hairy . Chamois skin resembles skin texture . This can be covered with very short , fine hair , not like a pea . Given the Sphynx Cats want to keep warm , cats and other animals interact to humans.

Even tend to cuddle and sleep under the blanket of his master . Lack of enough wool to make the cat feel on skin contact . Cats are commonly called by the pattern ( solid , patches , van , cat , tortie , etc.) can be found on Sphynx skin . Due to the lack of feathers, Sphynxes require regular washing process because there is no fur to absorb the natural oils in the skin.

Sphynxes known as the extrovert nature . The cat is showing a high level of energy , intelligence, curiosity, and love for his master. This cat has exceptionally large eyes .

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